Tuesday, October 5, 2010

“Dia de niños”

Friday was “Dia de niños” (Children’s day), so we headed out to the San Antonio preschool to bring a little something extra for each of the kids. We brought food bags full of corn, beans, rice, sugar, and incaparina for every family. A few days of rain meant that the road was in pretty bad shape, and carrying the heavy bags down the long hill to the preschool (you can’t drive up—there are steps in the road) left all of us (pathetically) winded, but it was worth the trouble of getting there for the chance to do something nice for the students and their families, about 80% of whom have been directly affected by the recent storms.

After helping with lunchtime and playing a great game of ‘run away from the terrifying pipe-cleaner snake,’ we were ready to distribute the food. (pictures 32, 4, 2 dia de ninos) Somehow, the mothers, grandmothers, and older sisters that came to take the students home didn’t seem to have nearly as much trouble with the heavy food bags as we did—plenty of them headed up the hill with the bag balanced on their head and a baby or toddler in their arms. Impressive.

While we were there, we noticed that one of Mayan Families’ sponsored kids, Laura, didn’t have any shoes, and her brother, Pedro, was in need of a new pair as well. After tracing their feet, we headed back to the office to find some footwear. Sapphire and I had to do some serious donation pile diving to get our hands on the right size.

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