Friday, October 22, 2010

Soccer Tournament at the Mayan Family Kids and Teen Sports Club


Four years ago, the community of Barrio Norte in Panajachel came together under the banner of fútbol! (Soccer, to all of us gringos). The neighborhood children needed a place to play sports, but there was no field or facility available. In a true testament to community, one of the neighbors loaned a field and the community worked together to convert it into a soccer field.

Though it started off small, the project has grown to become the Mayan Families Kids and Teen Sports Club! The Sports Club provides a free sports program to at risk and poverty stricken children – all those who would have no other access to sports and reaction. Through the Sports Club, the children learn team work, increase their self esteem, and get physically fit through an activity that brings joy and pride!

The Sports Club started with only 150 children and soccer as the only sport. Now, it offers four sports: track, soccer, swimming, and basketball. It also has over 1300 participating children! All in just 4 short years!

Every two years, the Sports Club holds a Soccer Championship Tournament. This year’s tournament will start on October 30! With over 35 teams participating this year and both girls and boys teams, the Sports Club really needs help to be able afford materials like soccer balls, nets, referee whistles, field markers, shoes, and uniforms.

The Sports Club has been volunteer run this entire time: both referees and coaches donate their time, trophies are donated, and Mayan Families has donated uniforms and soccer balls. Even the Director, Rovin Rodríguez, a former professional soccer player is a volunteer!

Help make the Soccer Tournament and the Sports Club a success! Donations of balls, soccer shoes, whistles, nets, swimming caps, goggles, swimsuits, sneakers, basketballs, basketball nets, and kickboards are welcome! Or go to and specify that you would like to support the Sports Program!

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