Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tierra Linda family in need of help.

 We are fortunate to have two sponsors visiting us who are also nurses, Carrie and Kelly.  They were going to Tierra Linda today to visit one of their sponsored students . Once there, we heard about a woman who was very ill. 

Along with Mayan Families staff , Carrie and Kelly did a very long trek to visit the family .
The mother gave birth three months ago. She had a cesarian birth and has been ill ever since. She is very weak and cannot stand for long and spends most of her time in bed.
She has moved to her mother's home so that she has someone to care for her.
She is producing very little breast milk and is taking medication.  She says that the baby has only been drinking warm water with sugar.  The baby is malnourished but not terribly. Probably someone has been giving them a little milk or breast milk to keep the baby going.

 The mother has had 7 children, two have died.  These two babies died a  few days or weeks after birth. The mother did not have milk to feed them.  These are her five surviving children. Four of the children are sponsored by Mayan Families to go to school and pre-school.  They are Irma Carmelita #1294, 10yrs old and in second grade.   Alexander #1295 9yrs old and in second grade.

Josue Arnoldo #1216  5yrs old and in the Mayan Families pre-school in Tierra Linda and Ingrid #1217 who is 4 yrs old and in the Mayan Families pre-school in Tierra Linda.
 These children all walk an hour and a half to get to the pre-school and the school and then an hour and a half back home.

 Carrie and Kelly found that the mother had an infection. She did have some medication but today was the last day and she is still ill and needs further treatment.

 The father works in the fields planting corn and onions. They own the fields and they sell their crop every three months. For three months work they earn $263 US which is approx. $2 US a day.  They eat a lot of tortillas with salt as their main diet.  With all the rain the crops have been destroyed and it has been very difficult to have enough to eat for the family.

 This is the father of the children accompanying the visitors on the walk from their house to the road.

The family is now in debt because the father borrowed nearly $250 US to be able to pay for the medication that the mother needed after her operation . They also had to buy 2 liters of blood which is very expensive in Guatemala.
They have very little food. Mayan Families gave them milk and baby bottles, some clothing and we hope to be able to send them some more food.
This family needs help with a regular supply of food for the next few months.
If anyone would like to help them, even a little will make a big difference to this family. Please put on the donation that it is aid for FA 40

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