Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vitamins ....last day to order vitamins for children in Guatemala.

 Just a reminder that tomorrow,Thursday, Oct. 7th is the last day to order vitamins to be included in the Boston shipment. If you would like to donate vitamins to your student and their family please order at The cost is $30.00 for a bottle of 1000 vitamins and covers shipping within the US and on Mayan Families in Panajachel. Donations in any amount are welcome to help cover vitamin costs for general distribution and the various preschools. This will be the final vitamin shipment for 2010.   If you would like to order a bottle of vitamins please email Sue Frank at

Please, please, please, everyone, consider donating a bottle of vitamins for our preschools (remember we're up to 4 preschools now, as well as an after school feeding program). Talk about bang for your buck! Vitamins for children in their formative years are powerful stuff!
We also now have over 17 children in the small orphanage that Mayan Families together with Tom Heaton..Mission  Guatemala have taken over. We need vitamins for all these children as well.
This year we have had a couple of occassions when we didn't have enough vitamins at our preschool to make it every day from one of your loving shipments to the next. Vitamins are completely inaccessible here, or at least prohibitively costly. Most of these kids go for extended periods living on tortillas, with little more. And that's just, plain dangerous for their development.
This is a sure investment, please help. You guys are basically our only supply for vitamins. Thank you so so much!

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