Friday, October 1, 2010

More Guatemala.

For the past few days we have been once again, deluged with rain. It has been constant. There have been many landslides.  The road to Solola from Panajachel has been blocked by three landslides.  There was no way to travel on the road, even by foot. We heard that one woman trying to cross the landslide by foot was hit on the head by a falling rock.

The situation in San Antonio Palopo continues to worsen.  I had a phone call last night to tell me that there was another landslide with very large rocks.  Fortunately, no loss of life has the people there have become very aware that when it starts to rain that they must evacuate their homes.  I was told that last night the church, the municipal building and the market were full of people trying to find a place to sleep.  It was cold and wet and they had no place to cook food.   The road to San Antonio Palopo is in very bad shape and soon the only access may be by boat.

In San Jorge la Laguna where one of the large landslides blocked the main road from Panajachel, the people who lived on the side of the mountain had all evacuated and moved to the church and the municipal building.

Today is Children's Day and we had planned to deliver food and clothing to all the children in the three pre-schools, San Antonio, San Jorge and Tierra Linda but it is impossible in San Jorge and Tierra Linda  and extremely difficult for San Antonio  so we will wait till Monday and hope the weather and the roads will be better.

Our pre-school/after-school and feeding program in San Antonio continues to operate and give food to the children there daily. It is a great respite from all the worry and the dangers that they are facing every day.   San Jorge and Tierra Linda are also open and feeding children daily.

Yesterday we packed bags of food to be distributed .

Here is a new article about the flooding :

If you can help at all with even a small donation for food, it will make a big difference to the people who receive it!

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