Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maria from Patanatic. Guatemala

Maria is 73yrs old. She thinks that the swelling on her head was caused by being hit by a falling piece of wood while she was out collecting firewood.
But the swelling did not come out till a year later. Sometimes she has a yellow discharge coming from her nose and she has a lot of pain in her head.

Maria has had this problem now for over a year. We are hoping that the next medical team that comes will be able to help her. Salud y Paz has a medical team that will be doing operations on tumors and cysts and we hope that she may be able to get some relief or at least some answers from them.

We do need some funds to help Maria with this operation. The operation itself will only cost $7 but we need to help Maria with her transportation and food while she is there. Maria is very poor and even the little that it will cost for her bus fare and food to eat while she is waiting to be seen is very difficult for her. $20 US would really help Maria to be able to receive her medical treatment.

Maria had very little to eat and thanks to the generous donations that many of you have sent to help the people of Guatemala during this very difficult time, we were able to give her bags of food with beans, corn, sugar, oil, rice, coffee, incaparina and oatmeal.

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