Saturday, May 14, 2011

2- Month-Old Juan Emilio May Have Rotovirus (FA132)

Hi Everyone,
We have a little 2 month old and his family that needs help.

Juan Emilio was born 2 months ago, already malnourished. Though he wasn't significantly premature, he weighed only 5 pounds. Though he has gained weight over his two months of life, his health, unfortunately, hasn't improved as much. He vomits frequently, especially at night, and has intermittent bouts of diarrhea, which leaves him dehydrated. His skin is a bit yellowish, as well. His mother, Barbara, was worried that he hadn't gotten better, so she took him to the hospital three weeks ago. Doctors there suspect that he has rotovirus, as well as a possible liver problem, but Juan's family can't afford the tests to find out for sure.

His mother brought him home, powerless to do anything else, and simply cared for him the best she could until she heard about Mayan Families. She hopes that we might be able to get Juan a proper diagnosis and the treatment that he needs to get better.
We are very glad she brought him in, as we have seen so many children die of easily treatable illnesses, simply for lack of money or access to medical care.

Right now, she owes two months of rent ($133) on the single room that the family shares, and the children are sometimes going without food.

4 of the children also need school sponsorship.

If you would like to help this family in some way please visit:



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