Monday, May 9, 2011

Santos is blind and needs food.

Santos Palas Buch is 57 years old, he lives with his daughter Candelaria, his son in law, and their three children; Jose Antonio, 10, Alex, 7, and Carlos, 5. His son-in-law is the breadwinner for the family and he works as a builders assistant whenever he can find work.

Santos has been blind since June 2010, no one really knows why he went blind. Simply he was fine, then one day his eyes started to itch, and gradually the itchiness became stronger and more frequent and then the itch turned into pain, and he finally went to a doctor. The doctor he consulted at the public hospital said that there was nothing that could be done, and Santos lost his sight in both eyes.

Sponsoring Santos to ensure he can receive daily hot meals with Mayan Families, and to provide him with daily vitamins would cost $36 monthly. If you would like to sponsor Santos for all or part of this amount please or read his story, please visit:




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