Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geronimo Sol Ajot, 66, has a hernia in his groin

Geronimo Sol Ajot, 66, has a hernia in his groin. It causes him intense pain, making it almost impossible for him to perform his work as a farmer. He can only spend a few hours a day in the field before the pain is unbearable and he has to return home.

The public hospital can fix Geronimo's hernia, but he needs to buy the surgical supplies, including the net that doctors will put in to repair the hernia, and a supply of blood (blood costs money in Guatemala), as well as pay for his transportation to and from the hospital. In all, he needs about $85 in order to have the operation, which has already been scheduled for Friday. When the hospital asked for payment and Geronimo and his family were unable to come up with the money, the hospital social worker referred him to Mayan Families in the hope that we might be able to help him.

If you'd like to help Geronimo get back to work please visit: or


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