Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Milk Program--Happy Mother's Day!!

Mother's Day reminds us all of the tireless love and devotion that mothers give to their children around the world; their strength and selfless sacrifice are truly incredible.  The indigenous mothers of Guatemala face tremendous obstacles in trying to provide the most basic of needs to their kids, including milk for their small children.  Guatemalan mothers are often malnourished themselves, and cannot produce milk to nurse their young children and they lack the resources to buy formula.  These mothers want the best for their children, but pervasive poverty and malnutrition are extremely difficult to overcome.  This Mother's Day, give $10 to help one of these extraordinary women provide for their children.  This $10 donation will be applied to our Milk Program, which supplies mother's with desperately needed milk for their growing children.  When you make a donation, we will email your mother with a thank you note and a picture of one of the benefitting mothers and her young child (or children).  Just go to, scroll down to the "Other" field and enter $10 and then enter Mother's Day Milk Program in the "Details" field.  Be sure to note your mother's email address in the "Notes" section of the Paypal payment form so we can send her a special message.  Happy Mother's Day!

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