Monday, May 9, 2011

Elderly Manuel and Miguel need help with a roof.

Miguel gratefully receiving his donated mattress
Manuel and Miguel share a little room behind their niece and nephew's house. However, it is an old building and the roof, which is made of tin sheets, leaks when it rains. Now that the rainy season is on it's way, we would like to get the roof replaced so that they can stay dry and warm and so their room will not become damp and moldy, which could easily lead to illness in both of them considering the state of their health. Manuel has an indwelling catheter and the skin around its entry point occasionally gets infected. It is vitally important that he has a dry clean place to live to reduce the risk of infection. Miguel is also at high risk of illness from a damp and moldy room as he can no longer walk and spends all his time in his bed.
To remove the old roof and install a brand new one will cost $130.
If you are able to contribute to this amount please go to the donate now page and enter A24 and/or A25 with the instructions to fix the roof.
To read more about Manuel and Miguel please review older blog posts here.

Thank you for your help in keeping these two men comfortable and healthy!

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