Friday, May 6, 2011

Anciana program in Guatemala.

Five days a week in Panajachel Mayan Families delivers meals to Elderly people who are in need of food, some of them are bedridden.
We started out just delivering food but then realized that we could not just give food when people were in great need of having medicines and other necessities. Several of the elderly people we help are bedridden and in need of diapers.

We had one elderly woman who was so concious of the cost of the diapers and how much work it was for her family, that she decided it was best not to drink or eat too much.

When we found her she was badly dehydrated and very ill. We started supplying her with diapers and making sure that she had enough to eat and drink. It has made a huge difference to her life.

Disposable Adult diapers are expensive here and we are always needing donations to help purchase them. If you are coming to Guatemala and want to bring donations with you, please include a pack of Disposable Adult diapers...we would be very grateful.

In Panajachel, we feel 26 Elderly people every day. In San Jorge Laguna we have a little two room center were we feed 40 elderly people and 15 orphaned children a day.
Any donations to help with these costs would be very gratefully received.
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