Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Jose and his siblings.

Hi Everyone,

Many of you will remember the family FA114.

Their father passed away from throat cancer in July. Baby Jose was born with part of his bowel outside of his body last January and back then the local Dr. gave him little hope of living.

This family has had many medical bills for many months from the father and baby Jose.

Baby Jose's Siblings are #1930 Nasario, #1931 Marvin, and 1932 Juana.

Unfortunately all 3 of them have lost their sponsors for 2012 and are in desperate need of responsorship because of the family situation.

I received an update on their family from Laura today about Baby Jose.

Here is the update from Laura.

"Dina just talked to Dr. Peter and he said that baby Jose is now big and healthy enough to undergo surgery.  The hospital is too busy to help them as of now, but they are calling everyday to try and get him an appointment for surgery.  He also reported that he expects that Jose will only need one surgery to correct the condition." 

It is such good news to know that little Jose is still alive, doing well, and now strong enough for surgery. This also means yet another major medical expense for this family who has already been through so much debt.

#1930 Nasario and #1931 Marvin desperately need sponsorship to continue with their 1st year of University School. They are both majoring in Mechanics. Their sister #1932 Juana will be in 10th grade in 2012 if she finds a new sponsor.

If anyone can help this family toward their medical expenses for baby Jose or knows of anyone who may be able to sponsor these students for school in 2012 please click on the links below to help them.

#1930 Nasario Needs Sponsor for 1st year University, Family Aid Student FA114, Father passed away.

#1931 Marvin Needs Sponsor for 1st year University Family Aid Student FA114, Father passed away.

#1932 Juana Isabel Needs Sponsor for Junior High,  Family Aid Student FA114, Father passed away.

Any help for this family is very appreciated.

Please spread the word.

 Thank you to everyone who has helped this family in any way.

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