Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Three orphans struggling to survive. FA 202

Julia, Walter, and Milton are three sweet kids from Panajachel who had the misfortune of losing their mother nine years ago, after facing a very difficult time watching their mother suffer from cancer.

After their mother's death, the father soon found a new wife and moved in with her and her family. After a while he stopped visiting the children and finally he left his mother in charge of the kids. Since then, they have been living with their grandmother that has always done her best to support and feed them.

Sadly, two months ago the grandmother passed away and the kids were left alone once again. Their aunt, the only family member they have left, decided she could not leave them alone and so she took them in, however, she has her own family to care for and having three more kids with her is becoming very difficult.
The aunt loves the children very much and she is very worried that she won't be able to feed them properly or send them to school next year.

The kids want to be with their aunt, but they fear that because of the lack of resources, she will ask them to leave and they have nowhere else to go.

If you want to help these orphans with any of the following items, please visit:

- One month of food - $150;
- A onil stove - $170;
- Traditional clothing for Julia, who has always worn second hand clothes - $150;
- New clothes for the boys - $45 each;
- Water Filter - $63
- Doors for the 2 bedrooms - $200 each door
- To re-wire the electricity - $535
- They also need help to build a small kitchen and a small bathroom

Thank you for any help you can give these orphans.

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