Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A very special birthday!

We were touched when a mother from the U.S. contacted us regarding her son's 1st birthday. In lieu of gifts for her 1-year old, the mother has asked party guests to help one of our orphan families. She contacted us and asked for ideas of a specific family who really needed help. We suggested Olga (FA194) and her siblings, as they are all orphaned. The mother sent out invitations explaining how to donate for these orphans through Mayan Families. We thought it was a very compassionate and generous idea, so we just wanted to share it with you!
This is not the first time we've had people use their birthdays as gift offerings for Mayan Families. We are touched by everyone who has shared their birthday wishes with families here in Guatemala! What a great way to begin teaching children the gift of giving at a young age!

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