Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Students needing sponsorship in Guatemala with Mayan Families

Hi Everyone,
The 2012 school year will be starting very soon in January in Guatemala.
There are about 100 students needing sponsorship still listed in the Mayan Families Student Sponsorship and Family Aid programs with more students waiting to be added to the list.
These children are still very hopeful that they will find a sponsor to be able to go to school this month.

Please keep spreading the word so that we can make their wish come true for the upcoming school year.

For the complete public list of children still waiting, please visit:


Just click on the links of the students name to get to the students sponsorship page.

Please continue to spread the word by linking the above link on your websites, blogs, and email anyone you think who would be interested in giving these children the gift to be able to go to school to have a brighter future.

They are counting on us to help them. If we all spread the word, we can still find them sponsorship before school starts. Thanks a lot!

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