Friday, January 27, 2012

Maria Rosario in Guatemala

Maria Rosario is a mother of 3 girls who are sponsored by Mayan Families. She lives in San Jorge La Laguna with her husband and daughters.

The family owns a house in San Jorge, however last year during the rainy season, part of the land in front of the house fell and now the room they use as a kitchen is on the edge of a cliff. They are afraid that the house won't survive the next rainy season that is coming in few months, so they want to build a retaining wall.

Our construction staff visited the house and confirmed that without the wall the house will probably fall off the cliff.

The family will provide the labor, however, they cannot afford to buy the material, so they came to us for help. The material to build the wall cost $840.

For more information on how to help Maria Rosario and her family to keep her house safe, please visit:

Thank you!

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