Saturday, February 12, 2011

Carmen and Antonio from Chukmuk in Guatemala.

Hi Everyone,

We have another Family Aid family in urgent need of help.

Carmen and Antonio live in Chukmuk, a community of built by the government to house those who lost their homes during Hurricane Stan, with their three children, Maria (13), Antonio Abraham (10), and Diego (5).

Antonio has been bedridden for 10 months with what appears to be throat cancer, but he has never recieved any treatment, or even a definite diagnosis, because the family can't pay for medical care. He has a great deal of difficulty swallowing, and survives on just one glass of milk per day. Even this small amount takes him over an hour to drink. Since he has been unable to work, the entire family is supported by the beadwork that Carmen makes, which earns her just $6 per week.

While Antonio can drink only milk, the rest of the family eats only tortillas with salt because they cannot afford even to buy beans. Some days, they don't even have enough money to buy corn for tortillas.

To read this family's complete story or to help them, please visit:


We have had several families added to the MF Family Aid Program within the past few days who are in desperate need of help.

Please Everyone, Post the links to your facebook, blogs, webpages and spread the word any way you can so that we can get help for as many of these families as possible.

Thank you!


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