Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Carolina needs help to graduate this year.

Carolina (#923) will graduate this year with high school preparation degree in medicine, she is the only jr. high graduate in the family and will be the first to graduate from high school. This year is a particularly challenging and exciting year for Carolina. However she needs a suit to wear to all her classes. This is the uniform for graduating students. This suit will be what she uses for the graduation ceremony, as well. It would cost her $154, and includes skirt, dress shirt, jacket, and id tag.

Carolina's sponsor has already generously offered to pay for the uniform she will need in June, when she will do a mandatory medical internship in a clinic or hospital. The sponsor let us know that this was all that she could do.

The family let us know that there is absolutely no way that they can pay for this suit because Carolina's mother is in a great deal of debt right now, due her medical problems. She has been going to the coast to buy discounted Yucca, which she cooks and sells in the highlands.

She is really appreciative that donors such as yourself have made it possible for her to continue to this level of his education, and she would even appreciate any part of this expense that you might want to contribute. If 15 could donate $10 dollar, we could buy Carolina this graduation suit. If you would like to donate to Carolina please go to Mayanfamilies.org/donatenow and write in "graduation suit #923"

Best wishes,


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