Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pedro and Josefa Ramirez need help.

The Pedro and Josefa Ramirez family is poor even by Guatemalan standards. We see a lot of people struggling day by day just to make ends meet, just to be able to eat a few tortillas a day. Pedro and Josefa work hard just to get by and support their 5 children. Pedro works as a day labourer, which means he takes whatever work he can whenever he is fortunate enough to find something. He had an accident several years ago during work and since has suffered constantly with head aches and a lot of back pain.

Josefa works hard weaving clothes by hand but she earns very little even when she manages to sell one of the items she makes. Josefa finds it very hard to work also because she had lumps removed from her lymph nodes last year and since is in a lot of pain doing the weaving.

The children do not have shoes, they have very little clothes, and what they have are in an old torn condition. The do not have a table or chairs and they were given a bed for the whole family to share, by someone in the community, but it does not have a mattress.

Josefa and Pedro really want the best for their children and they want them to go to school, but without shoes or backpacks or school supplies it is really tough.

3 of the children still need school sponsorship.
the family's Family Aid # is FA 108.

To read their story or to help or sponsor one of the children, please
go to


Thank you!


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