Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gregoria and her four children in Guatemala.

Mayan Families' staff was out and about interviewing families for the new preschool we opened up in the village of Santiago Atitlan. Whilst there we were directed to a family that is really struggling to make ends meet. The family consists of Gregoria and her four children. Gregoria has been a single mother for 6 years - her husband did not take responsibility for the family and he left her for another woman. Gregoria works to support her children by weaving and by washing clothes. She earns very little.

The family does not have a water filter or a stove, they cook on the floor. They do not have chairs or a table. They have one bed for the whole family but this does not have a mattress. Even though the school year has already started the family is in such desperate need that we decided to try to get them sponsors anyway!

The children who are currently studying are

Francisco, 12 years old, he is in 4th grade. His student sponsorship number is #1769.

Juan is 11 years old, he is in first grade this year. His student number is #1768. We will have their biographies up and ready soon!

If you would like to help Gregoria and her four children, please visit:




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