Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentines Day was a great success!

Hi there! Just a little note for those of you who purchased Valentine's Day cards for a loved one:

I was fortunate enough to be in San Antonio for the decorating of the Valentine's Day cards. I just want to tell you that not only was this a great fundraiser for Mayan Families (yay!) but the children had SO MUCH fun! Not very often do these kids get to just sit down and be kids for a few hours, but they really enjoyed this. They were all so excited to get out the markers, tissue papers, and especially the 'brillante' (I'm told Spanish for glitter!). The glitter was a huge hit and I think we were all sparkly by the end! I loved to see the laughter and joy on their faces as they completed their Valentine.

Also, just as a side - I was so impressed by how valuable the preschool program and the after school programs are. The after school program really gives these kids a chance to work with peers on homework which is so important in a community where many of the parents can't help. Also, they get a meal which is also incredible for them. I literally saw children who ate 3 times as much as me - I know that this was probably their only meal of the day.

I'm so happy that Mayan Families was able to get these programs going, but I know that they really need funding for them to continue. Anyone have any great fundraising ideas??!!

Best wishes,

Lisa C

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