Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Animals more important than children in Guatemala?

Hi, as most of you know , there are three Guatemalan charities trying hard to win a place in the Chase Community Giving competition.
All three of these charities work hard to help the children in Guatemala with education, food and medical care. Services that the children here badly need.
So it disheartening to see that people are voting more for pitbull rescue than for feeding malnourished children.
I am a big animal lover...we have an animal program as part of Mayan Families but how is that so many animal organizations are doing so much better, getting so many more votes than the children of Guatemala ?
All three of our charities have been appealing to everyone we know or who will spread the word.
Please help us ....we hate to keep bugging you...but we really need your help to keep these three charities in the running to get $25,000 US which will make such a difference to how we can help the children. 
We are not competing against each other. We are working together. All three of these charities can win the $25,000 US.
If you have already voted, please spread the word, please take a lap top to work, ask your friends to vote, take a laptop to church or a social gathering. It only takes a few minutes and will have long lasting benefits for the children here in Guatemala.
Here are the directions that Melissa Draper was kind enough to do.
Free, Easy and it Takes Less Than a Minute! 

Chase Community Giving is giving money to 100 non-profits.
First place is $250,000.
2nd,3rd, 4th and 5th all receive $100,000.
...6th place through 100th place all will receive $25,000 each. 

Each person gets 10 votes.

Step 1: Open Chase Community Giving on Facebook ( and "Like" the Chase Community Giving. (NOTE: please do not confuse "Like" Mayan Families as voting for Mayan Families. Being "Liked" is nice, but it does not count as a vote to win).

THEN: Click "Vote and Share" for these 3 non-profits that work in Guatemala:
1. Mayan Families -
2. Amigos de Santa Cruz -
3. Mission Guatemala -

PLEASE vote and have EVERYONE you know (friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc.) vote too! It only takes ONE (1) click ONE (1) time for these these 3 non-profits that work in Guatemala to win BIG bucks and do FABULOUS work in Guatemala!

Please also feel free to share this invite with as many people as possible to spread the word, as well.



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