Saturday, November 12, 2011

Please vote on the Chase Community Giving on facebook.

Please vote on the Chase Community Giving on facebook.
We are three NGO's that work with children who are in so much need of
food, medical attention and health care.
We have the chance to win $25,000 US for each organization.
We just have to stay in the top 100.  Of course, we would love to be
in the top 4 which wins a lot more money but it seems hard enough just
to stay in the top 100.
This is an easy way for you to help the children here.
Each of these organizations will be using this prize money to help
children have something to eat, go to school and to have medical and
dental care.  Simple things that we take for granted but which make a
huge difference in the lives of the children here.
Here are the directions.... it is for our organization Mayan Families
but it is the same directions to also vote for Mission Guatemala and
Amigos de Santa Cruz. Just
put in their names in the search slot and it will bring up their
pages.  You have 10 votes, you can vote for each of us. We are not
competing against each other,
we are helping each other to stay in the top 100 so that we all win.

1. Click on link for Mayan Families
2. Click on the green "Vote & Share" button.
3. You may be prompted to like Chase Community Giving page. Please
"like" Chase Giving page.
4. Make sure to click on "Vote & Share" button again .
When you click on the Vote & Share button, a new window may open that
states: "Chase Community Giving" is request permission to do the
following...". This window will have an "Allow" button that needs to
be clicked.
Once you click the Allow button, a new message will appear with the
"Vote & Share" button at the bottom.
Voting is not complete unless you click this "Vote & Share" button and
see a message "Thanks for your Vote", and the vote count increases.
The link to Vote will appear on your Facebook page as well after you
Vote successfully.That is how you know that you have done it
correctly, plus next to your photo on the upper center right of the
page it will say: 9 VOTES LEFT...or any number if you have voted
previously. Please use two of your remaining votes to vote for our
working hard to help the children of Guatemala.

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