Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chase Community Giving. and Mayan Families

These children in the photos are the reason we are asking for your help.
We have a morning pre-school and feeding program and an after school
program and feeding program.
The children of San Antonio Palopo really need this help.
But we do not have enough funds for next year.
If we can possibly stay in the first 100 of the Chase Community Giving
program, we will be able to continue the program.
If we could dare to dream that we could be in the top 4...then there
is so much more we could do.
Please take a moment and vote for Mayan Families. Please be careful
and make sure that you are voting and not just "liking" us.  Liking is
great but at this moment we have lost about half our votes from well
meaning people who thought that they were voting but just clicked the
like button.

You have 10 votes.....please use one to vote for Mayan Families and
please use two others to vote for our friends, Mission Guatemala and
Amigos de Santa Cruz.   We are all working hard for the children of
Here is the way to vote....please take a moment to do so.

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