Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A mother with suspected Tuberculosis and a child with Pneumonia.

Yesterday, we had a mother with suspected Tuberculosis and a child with pneumonia.

We sent them both to the local health center to be diagnosed.

It was closed because the staff is on strike protesting that they have no medicines.

We also had a father come on Sunday from the coast. He brought his 8yr old daughter with him ....who looked to be the size of a very small 5yr old.

She could barely stand and could only walk a few steps without stumbling.

He had taken her to the hospital in Mazatenango but they had given  him a prescription for medicines ...that would have taken a whole months wages....if he was lucky enough to be working.

He knew that he could not afford the meds.

So he borrowed the bus fare and came to Mayan Families.

We sent the little girl for medical care.

She has parasites, anemia and mostly malnutrition.  The family has barely enough food to survive on.

The mother is ill ...she can't work, she is mostly bedridden.

The father cannot find work.  He is lucky if he gets a day or two a week. This just keeps them alive.

I want to thank  you all for making a difference in so many people's lives.  These are just two families that we are able to send for medical treatment thanks to you.

We were able to give them some food to take home.  Some clothes, a pair of shoes each....but we were able to give them the medicine that they needed.

The mother with tuberculosis is being treated to see if it is TB. We will know in a few days.


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