Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mayan Families is in 16th place! Remember to Vote!

Mayan Families is number 16 in the latest updated list - thank you! But keep voting and help
all of your friends and family vote correctly - there are 11 more days to go and it is
anyones race, though the leaders are way ahead. We can win is a Note on how to vote. Please copy and paste this, then message all of your facebook friends, post it to your profile, blogs, e-mails going out in the next 11 days, yell it from the mountaintops etc Get creative!

1. Click on link for Mayan Families
2. Click on the green "Vote & Share" button.
3. You may be prompted to like Chase Community Giving page. Please "like" Chase Giving page.
4. Make sure to click on "Vote & Share" button again .

  • When you click on the Vote & Share button, a new window may open that states: "Chase Community Giving" is request permission to do the following...". This window will have an "Allow" button that needs to be clicked.
  • Once you click the Allow button, a new message will appear with the "Vote & Share" button at the bottom.
  • Voting is not complete unless you click this "Vote & Share" button and see a message "Thanks for your Vote", and the vote count increases. The link to Vote will appear on your Facebook page as well after you Vote successfully.That is how you know that you have done it correctly, plus next to your photo on the upper center right of the page it will say: 9 VOTES LEFT.

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