Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vote for M.F. on the "Chase Community Giving" Contest

Now is your chance to show support for Mayan Families and help us win $25,000 or more!  That's right, we could receive a donation from the Chase Community Giving Facebook App, for free.  Vote now...just follow these steps:
On the web, go to:  http://bit.ly/rFKYZE

Click “Like” for the Chase Community Giving App, then you will be granted 10 votes.

Then find the search bar to type in a charity name (ie Mayan Families).

Once you’ve located your desired charity, click “Vote and Share”.

You will be prompted to “Allow” your personal information to be gathered by the Chase Community Giving App.  You must “Allow”.

You can only vote for one charity one time, so it forces you to spread your votes out evenly.

Thank you for taking the time to follow these steps to move us one step closer to being a winner of the Chase donations…we could win $25,000-$250,000.

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