Sunday, November 20, 2011

Help...we need more votes urgently to help Guatemala!

Hi, today we have dropped to 18th place....
Our wonderful volunteer, Michael who runs the carpentry workshop here, just messaged me and said how can a group called Save the Frogs...whose legs are eaten as a delicacy be just a few votes behind us..!!! He said people's priorities are certainly out of whack. He made me laugh.....but he also made me think.

I really think that if people saw how children live here, that they don't have clean drinking water, that they often don't have a bathroom, that some of them sleep on a straw mat on a dirt floor, they don't have enough blankets and are cold, that they wake up hungry, they go to bed hungry, they have terrible stomach cramps from parasites, that their little feet are cramped into shoes that are too tight or a falling apart and held together with string...just so that they have something to cover their feet.....that surely they would vote for us to enable us to help these children. 
The reason that we so desperately need this $25,000 is that donations are flat due to the economic crisis that we are all feeling. We can understand that. But here is a chance at "free" money, it doesn't cost anything ....just a moment to vote and spread the word.
We need this donation to be able to keep the pre-school/after-school and feeding centers running to help the children of San Antonio.
We do not have any chance at the $100,000 unless there was some amazing miracle ...the United Sikhs seem to be true to their name and they are definitely united and have a lot of support and are in the 1st place. But we are falling daily and the race gets tougher every day, we have been told that it is really easy to fall off the list in the last two days, and now is crunch time because there are now less than two days to go.
Often on the last day , it is too hard to vote, the system overloads, so we can't wait till then.

Please ask everyone you know, who may be sympathetic, to take a few moments and vote for us. Here is the link.
You get 10 votes, please use one for Mayan can only vote once and then please vote for our friends, Mission Guatemala and Amigos de Santa Cruz.
Here is another link: 

1. Mayan Families -

2. Mission Guatemala -

3. Amigos de Santa Cruz -

thanks, Sharon.
p.s....I have nothing against frogs...I like them! with their legs intact! 
Sharon Smart-Poage
a registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity

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