Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bottle feeding Taquazins

This morning Susie was about to set off on her training run for the upcoming marathon here in Panajachel, when she saw two men standing over a dead animal. She went over to investigate and it was a Taquazin ...a member of the Opossum family.   ...and there were five little babies clinging to her and breastfeeding .  
Susie picked up the babies and took them home.  They are tiny...they look like little rats.  About 2-3 inches long but they have fur so they must be a few weeks old.  They don't have their eyes open yet.  Susie brought them up to us at the house and we have spent a good part of the day trying to find out how to care for them  ( and trying to find somewhere we could pass them off to ..who would care for them!)  but to no avail...we now have Taquazin's living in the bathroom. 
Jonathon went to the vets and came back with a syringe and a little plastic tubing so that we can drop the milk into their mouths. One died tonight but it looked like it had injuries from the accident when it's mother was killed. I didn't expect it would make it.
It was a day of animals today...someone tied up a mother dog to the gate of the front office. When the caretaker went out , there was also a box with two puppies with the word..ORPHANS ..written on them.  I think somehow it should have said ABANDONED rather than orphans!
We sent the mother dog and the puppies to the clinic to be spayed and neutered and vaccinated. The mother dog we will probably have to let loose on the street and I hope that she will be able to find her way back to the house she came from. The puppies we will add to our large amount of puppies we are trying to find homes for up to 14...,.....just remember we have puppies to go and they are bilingual!
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