Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Circus in Panajachel, Guatemala

We have a very rinky dinky little circus that comes to town but it causes a lot of excitement here.
This year the circus is featuring The Smurfs!
I like this circus because it doesn't have any animals, just acrobats, clowns, trapeze artists etc.
The teachers at the preschools have been asking whether the children can go.
Last year, some of you may remember that we sent the children to the circus...and it was an awe inspiring, unforgettable experience for them!
We would like to send the children again....but this year we have even more children.
The cost of getting in to the circus is not much ...they have the special price of a $1 US for children for this last week. They are leaving on the week end.
But we have to cover the cost of transportation and the cost of food to give the children something to eat when they arrive. Many will come without eating breakfast.

So we estimate that it will cost us $3.50 US per child to bring them to the circus.

If anyone would like to pay for just one child.....that would be great.  Each child that gets paid for...it all adds up!
If anyone would like to pay for more than one...that would be fantastic.

The cost for the Panajachel preschool is   $297.50
The cost for the San Jorge preschool is... $238.00
The cost for the San Andres preschool is  $227.50
The cost for the El Barranco preschool is  $136.50
The cost for the San Antonio preschool is $210 00
The cost for the Tierra Linda preschool is $238.00
If anyone would like to pay for a whole preschool ...that would be more than fantastic!!!

We hope to be able to take the children on Thursday but we haven't told them yet.
We know that this is not a matter of life or death like so many other requests that we have but it sure brings a huge amount of joy to these children and it is so exciting for them.
Sharon Smart-Poage
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