Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Students who lost sponsors!

Hi Everyone,
Below is a current list of Students in Mayan Families Student Sponsorship Program who lost sponsors or are in the Family Aid Program that still need School Sponsorship in 2012.
#225 Limnie BethzaĆ­  Lost Sponsor, Elementary
#589 Carlos Rene    Lost Sponsor, 9th grade in 2012
#1859 Jeremias     Lost Sponsor, 7th grade in 2012
#2245 Pedro Efrain    Needs Sponsor, 5th grade in 2012.   Family Aid Student FA189
#2246 Jorge Enrique    Needs Sponsor, 3rd grade in 2012.  Family Aid Student FA189  
#2396 Carlos    Needs Sponsor, 7th grade in 2012.  Family Aid Student FA231
#2399 Luis   Needs Sponsor, 12th grade in 2012.   Family Aid Student FA231 
#2401 Lucia    Needs Sponsor, 4th grade in 2012.  Family Aid Student FA26 
#2402 Yaquelina    Needs Sponsor, 1st grade in 2012.  Family Aid Student FA26  
2403 Carlos   Needs Sponsor, 1st grade in 2012.   Family Aid Student FA26
Here is the public link to view all these students and other students in the Mayan Families Student Sponsorship Program who still need sponsors in 2012.
Please keep spreading the word on your blogs, webpages, facebook, etc. to help these students find sponsorship soon.
Thank you everyone for all your effort in helping these children.
It is very appreciated!

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