Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Posting Videos!

Hi everyone,
Here are some Videos that we have uploaded onto Youtube with copyright free general generic music.
Date    Group / Event    URL to Youtube Video
October 2011    Grace Mission (Connie)   

November 2011    Global Penicillan Girl Project    http://youtu.be/3-Ygp19lDQk

February 2012    Grace Mission (Connie)    

February 2012    Paso por Paso    

March 2012    Paul Alvey and Group    

April 2012    Sewing Project - Weave of Hope    

April 2012    Semana Santa 2012    

Enjoy and please subscribe to our free Mayan Families YouTube channel to watch more exciting videos!
Watch our Videos on our YOUTUBE Channel, Subscribe also!

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