Friday, September 14, 2012

An organization in Florida

Hi ,
We have an organization in Florida that came to visit us and told us that they could get us a lot of donations of new toys.
I didn't have any expectations that they would come through
But they  have done that!  
They called today to tell me that they have a lot of stuff piling up. 
But they do not pay for shipping.
They have probably enough toys and games , brand new toys that have been donated by a company for over 500 children the woman, Barbara, told me that she also has a ton of brand new Beanie Babies. 
The problem is the funds to pay to get these toys .
She estimates it will be 4-5 large Zuleta boxes.  
It will cost $245 to pay for each box. 
Would anyone be willing to help us with a little to get these boxes here ?
I am so sorry to ask for this but I would hate to lose all these toys for the children here.
If you can help, it will certainly make a lot of children happy this December!
Sharon Smart-Poage
a registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity

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