Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ana Maria

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Ana Maria has suddenly become the single mother of a seven month old boy, Marlon Alexander. After a year and a half of marriage, her husband left her a month ago and has offered no help to the family since. His mother on occasion comes by the house to see the baby, but gives no financial assistance to the struggling young mom. She has been left alone, with no way to feed herself or her little boy.

After her baby was born, the problems began. Complications during the delivery left Ana Maria unable to breastfeed her son, putting an economic strain on the already troubled couple. Milk is a luxury item that most families in Guatemala cannot afford to buy. The child also suffered from pneumonia for the first few months of life, adding further stress to the tormented new mother. Ana Maria was constantly worried for her baby's health and her husband provided no emotional support, often becoming very cold and distant with his wife and child. Months of fighting and unhappiness culminated with him leaving without an explanation or the intention of feeding his son.

Ana Maria now has to worry about how she is going to raise her child alone. Not only does she need to feed her baby and herself, she also needs to pay for the rent. At $100 a month, with no means of earning money and no family to help, she has no idea how she will continue to pay her housing. She is afraid she and her son will end up on the streets. She would like to work, but unfortunately does not know what she can do.

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