Saturday, September 15, 2012

You may remember

Some of you may remember the woman who was killed earlier this year.   It has never been totally clarified as to whether she killed herself or someone else killed her.  She drowned in the lake. She was a single mother of several children.
When she died she still had three children living at home with her.
The two younger teens were taken in by family members but the oldest son wasn't. He  is probably around 19 years old and married . He has a very young wife who is approx. 6 months pregnant. She is probably around 18 years old.  They also have an older child who is probably 11 -14 months old.  They  were given a room to live by an extended family member. It was a very basic room in a house that is on the river in a dangerous location and had been badly damaged by the flood.  But he lost his job and could not afford to pay the electricity bill.  He was digging sand out of the river  ..which is one of the lowest paid jobs...and the municipality started construction of a wall and took away the permits for anyone working in the river.  He has been trying to find a job but it is not easy ...there are not many  jobs and he does not have any particular skills.  So when the electricity bill came in , he could not afford to pay it. The relative got very mad and threw them out.   ( we know this relative ....she is not a very nice person . She doesn't have a good reputation in town. ) 

The young couple came to us for help on the Thursday saying that they had no where to live. Gloria was going to talk to the relative and see if she could arrange that they move back in , if we paid the electricity bill.
Gloria said that the son was crying, saying that when his mother was alive, she would always help him. Now neither he or his wife have any family to help them. 
But Gloria's own son took very ill Thursday afternoon and she had to rush him to the hospital,
Somehow, they fell through the cracks and .they did not receive help.

On Friday night , I was at the parade watching all the festivities...when the young family came up to me.
The young woman asked me whether I could help them.She told me that they had slept out on the street last night under a piece of tin.
I asked whether they had eaten and she said no...they hadn't eaten all day.
 I looked at the baby...who is approx a year or a little older. I have never seen a sadder looking little face.  This little baby's thin face was so miserable. 
I could see that this baby had not eaten anything.
They had no diapers for him.          
They had left all their possessions with someone who let them leave them in a store room but could not put them up. 

I arranged for them to spend the night at a room at Mayan Families. 
We bought them dinner...and breakfast.
We gave them diapers.
They spent the next night, Saturday night  at Mayan Families.
We have been giving them meals since then.
But they need to be able to get on their feet .
They need to be able to rent a room ...and they need food.
We won't be able to have them in this room in Mayan Families when we re open on Monday.
If anyone would be able to help them with the rent for one month...probably around $100 US. and then 
a food for them.....they are so young, they are so lost ...and the one that is really suffering is this little baby ....and his unborn sibling. 

Sharon Smart-Poage
registered 501.(c).(3) Non Profit Charity

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