Saturday, September 22, 2012

Juana, a new member of our Elderly Care program

Hi Everyone,
, suffers from constant migraines. She was hit by a motorcycle earlier this year, leaving her with lesions on her feet and face. Despite being taken to the health center and receiving care after the accident she still experiences debilitating headaches. She needs to take her medicine or the pain is excruciating.

Unfortunately, the little money she makes cleaning her neighbors house is not enough to cover the cost of the medicine, which is about $24 a month in addition to her rent, which is about $25 a month. She has four grown children who are unable to offer any support because of their own family costs: one is diabetic and has 14 children of her own, two others with 7 children each, and a son who has fallen out of contact. She separated from her husband about 35 years ago because of his drinking problem. She lives alone in a house without a water filter, chairs, a table or a closet for her clothes.

Like most of the other elderly in our program, Juana has worked her whole life to afford what little she has. After having dedicated her life to raising her children on her own, Juana deserves the same care in her time of need. However, the impoverished state of her family disallows them from returning her years of attention and care. She humbly eats her meals in her bed, the only piece of furniture she owns.

She is most in need of food and medicine. If you would like to help For more information on how to help Juana cover the costs of the food and medicine she desperately needs, please visit:

Thank you!

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  1. It’s great that Juana has become a member of your Elderly Care program. At least now, she has this feeling that there are people who are more than willing to help her go through her problems. She is now with a great group of people; she is gaining new friends and she is meeting new people who can make her feel much, much better.

    Floella  Mccullough