Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yesterday was a big day in Guatemala

Yesterday was  a big day , lots of people joined in marathons all over Guatemala bringing the flaming torch to their villages where it lights something to mark , at midnight...that Independence Day has arrived.

It was a big event here in were blowing their horns, the neighborhood committee set up a disco just across from our started at 3p.m. and didn't finish till after midnight.
Our windows were vibrating from the very loud music coming from the speakers...but nothing to do except either join in or reach for the ear plugs!
Our daughter, Zoe , who is Senorita Cultura this year was invited to be at the lighting of the flame here in Panajachel.  Many people had left town in pick ups and gone as far as the city and Chimaltenango to accompany the torch back to Panajachel.
A flotilla of tuk tuks left town and drove as far as Godinas waiting to accompany the torch back into town.
At midnight everyone is waiting for the torch.....many families gathered in front of the Municipality building...a big stage set up.  Music playing, the Mayor and all the important people are there on the stage, all the princesses. 
A good time had by all. 

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