Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cooking classes for the cooks with Mayan Families in Guatemala

The cooks from the pre-schools and the Elderly Care program came to
Mayan Families to have cooking classes. They were learning healthy
recipes to cook for the children and the elderly.  They were also
having a refresher course in safe practices in handling food.
Mayan Families has 6 pre schools and one after noon school program.
We feed the children a healthy, hot  breakfast and a healthy snack
before they go home at midday. All the children learn to brush their
teeth and take a vitamin tablet.
The After school program which is in San Antonio Palopo feeds 44 children.
They get a hot lunch , a vitamin tablet, brush their teeth and have a
healthy snack before they go home.
The Elderly Care program in Panajachel feeds 25 Elderly people daily
...5 days a week.
The Elderly and Orphan Care program in San Jorge feeds 44 elderly
people and 15 children 5 days a week.
Lots of cooking skill  is required!


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