Friday, August 12, 2011

Milk and Formula to mothers and children in need in Guatemala.

Every month we distribute milk and formula to mothers and children who
are in need.
Many of the mothers who come to us are unable to breastfeed for one
reason or another, or they do not have enough breastmilk to be able to
feed the child sufficiently.
Other toddlers have been recommended to us by doctors, the local
health center, the social worker at the hospital as being in need of
milk to be able to grow. These are children that are usually very
While we encourage mothers to breastfeed because the best milk is the
mother's in some cases it is just not possible.  So we have the Milk
program or Programa de Leche.
We also provide medical support as we are able, clothing and shoes
for the mothers and the children.
If you would like to help support a child with much needed milk, we
would be very grateful.. to support a child is $20 US per month.

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