Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hou​se for Teresa and her family

Teresa is a widow whose husband died last year suddenly.
Teresa , her husband and their 6 children used to live with the
husband's parents.   When the husband died, the parents in law did not
want Teresa and her children to continue to live there.   But Teresa
had nowhere else to go....she now divides her time sleeping on the
floor of her parent's bedroom and part time living with the parents in
law so as not to be too intrusive.  But this is very hard with 6

Teresa's father gave her a tiny piece of land but she has no money to build and the family cannot help her.

We have received a wonderful donation of $1,000 US to start to build the house for Teresa but we need at least $3,500 to be able to finish it.

Any amount no matter how small would be a huge help to get this mother and her 6 children living in a house of their own.

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