Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shoes are always needed by Mayan Families in Guatemala

I saw this young boy, Luis Eduardo on the street on Saturday, his
shoes were in bad shape but one shoe he was only able to keep on by
dragging it along.
He was selling postcards on the street and I told him to come to the
office on Monday and we would give him shoes.  I didn't know if the
shoe would stay on till then!  But he made it and he brought his
little brother, Angel who didn't even have shoes.   So thanks to the
generous donations that we have received we were able to give them
both a pair of shoes. They were very excited!
Thank you for the donations that make it possible for us to help so
many children.
We always need more.  If you would like to do a shoe drive at your
school, church or community, please contact us and we will be very
happy to give you shipping details.
Please e-mail Sharon at:
and also cc





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