Monday, August 29, 2011

Help at last for Maria Angelica

When we found this wonderful help for Cristobalina we also asked if we
could send Maria Angelica to be assessed.

Maria Angelica was just a baby on her mother's back, approx. 4 months
old, when there was a demonstration in her village and the military
came to break it up.   Tear gas was thrown and somehow a fire was
thrown and landed on little baby Maria Angelica.     She was fortunate
that she survived. She was also fortunate that she received treatment
at Shriners in the U.S. initially .....but for several years now she
has needed more treatment and they have been unable to take her back
to the U.S..

But now, with this wonderful group in the city who are specialising in
burns ...we have the hope that more will be done for Maria Angelica.
Her mother has lovingly rubbed cream into her face every day for years
in the hope of keeping her skin soft and reducing the scar tissue but
it has been thickening.

This was an exciting day for Maria Angelica and her mother.

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