Thursday, August 11, 2011

Isabel has news

It was a huge surprise to us yesterday when Isabel arrived in the afternoon with a brand new baby.   She had just been here the week before and told us that she was 6 months pregnant.
 The baby appears to be very small but very alert and healthy.  I am not basing this on any medical tests or experience just eyeballing.
 She has decided that she does not want to give the baby away. Her mother and father are very much against her keeping the baby as they know that the baby will suffer and that eventually, they will be left to raise it.
 It also appears that Isabel took herself to the hospital alone and we cannot guarantee that she had her tubes tied. She says she did but she said that last time as well.
 I think Isabel looks at this baby as a meal ticket, it is much easier to beg money when you have a baby on your back than without. She has lost her maternal rights to be able to have her other three children with her at all and she used little Norma a lot to have people feel sorry for her and give her money.
 She has already asked us if we will help her with milk for the baby and we have said no. She is breast feeding and doesn't need the milk  ...but even so we do not want to support her in having more children that she is not looking after.
 We will probably have to call Child Protective Services here and let them know that she has had another child.   I worry that she is going to shake this baby or hit it.
 It is such a shame, having a little baby should be a joyous time for a family but this little one is not being perceived that way.  I hope that she will be safe.

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