Monday, August 29, 2011


It was an exciting and nervous day for Cristobalina.  She and her
family headed to the hospital that they will call home for the next
three months.  Cristobalina, the 16yr old who had terrible injuries
when she was electrocuted is now in hospital to have corrective
surgery and to get physiotherapy.  The doctors think that she should
be able to walk out of the hospital when she is finished.
This is very exciting for Cristobalina.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.  We still need help
to pay for the transportation and costs that her family will have
while they take turns staying with her in the city.  Any amount, no
matter how small, will help with these costs.

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  1. She was electrocuted in the shop where she worked. How can be a high voltage wire left uncovered and not properly isolated? This comment doesn't help the girl anymore but it's just sad to see how careless some people are and their mistakes lead to such horrible results. This is common sense. How can you leave high voltage wires uncovered and let children work in that area. Look how beautiful she is and now has to suffer this. It's just making me terribly angry.