Tuesday, October 4, 2011

23 Laptops

We just got 23 laptops donated to the Tierra Linda jnr. high school!!!!!!
In 2012 the new 7th grade students will come in and there will be 23 of them!
The greatest news for me is that SEVEN of them will be girls.

When we first started sponsoring children in Tierra Linda it was very unusual for there to be 23 students in the 6th grade class, it was at least half of that. ...and hardly any girls.
Our first year, this year, we had 17 students in Tierra Linda jnr. High.....3 of them girls.   in 2012 there will be 7!!!
This is very exciting.

The really exciting thing is that we have a Rotary Club that is willing to help and they have collected the lap tops and they are also donating the tables, chairs etc.   Yay Rotary!!!!
Just had to share this exciting news!
Sharon Smart-Poage
Web:       www.mayanfamilies.org

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