Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guatemalan Storm stories

Thank you to all of Mayan Families staff who made our trip so fantastic. Yesterday was an adventure. Ray Smickle and MJ Finken want to personally thank the guys who helped walk us up the mountain to our driver. What an experience... Ray and I live near the Delaware river and we have flooding but the rain here and the flooding is totally different. These people are losing everything they have worked so hard for, and there is no relief except Mayan families. They are their for all the people, even the crazy Americans who need to get out. We finally arrived in Guatemala city 5 hours later because there were mud slides the whole way in to the city. It was scary in the fog and never knowing what was around the next turn. They definitely need donations to help feed all these people. The men who work in the river will not be able to work for days so they will have no income, and there will be no tourist due to the weather so the vendors will not be making money and that also means no one will be eating at the food venders either.. So if you can help please donate so they can continue to help all these families in need.

Again Thank you to all of the staff.

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