Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Julio

Little Julio turned 5 on the 15th of this month but due to the
torrential rains, flooding and mudslides...he and his mother could not
get to the office. The road from his village in San Jorge to
Panajachel has collapsed and there are big rockslides . It is very
dangerous to try and pass there.  But he and his mother walked more
than a hour to come down a muddy mountain path and get to the Mayan
Families office.

Julio was very glad he did!  His sponsor has sent him a birthday cake
and a ride on toy!  This is the best birthday ever for Juliio.  It is
probably the only birthday that he has ever received a present or a

As you can see from the photos....this is one very happy, little boy.
Thank you to his sponsor for making this such a special day for him!
If you would like to sponsor a child please go to our website here.

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