Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mayan Families holds a monthly clinic for diabetics in Guatemala

Mayan Families holds a monthly clinic for diabetics.
There are a lot of people suffering from diabetes who do not  have any
information or follow up about the disease or how to live with it.

We have found that many people feel that if they are diagnosed with
diabetes that it is a death sentence.  Many people become very

Most of the people we work with cannot afford to buy the meds. to
control diabetes.
At the monthly clinics we have we make sure that everyone gets their
blood tested.
We give talks and have power point presentations so that people can
become informed about the disease and how to live with it.
We have had several people who need to take insulin who because they
cannot afford it, they only take it when they feel bad.  We had one
man, a father of several children and the breadwinner of the family,
collaspe into a diabetic coma because he was doing this.
He was lucky to survive after we rushed him to the hospital.

We really need support to be able to keep these clinics going.
The doctors and the nurses are working voluntarily.
We are fortunate, that Helen ...a Mayan Families staff member has a
lot of experience with medicine and facilities available to us as she
worked for the local health dept. for 23yrs ....but even so we need
the meds to be able to help the diabetic community.  We need to be
able to give them meds for other ailments that they have as well.
If you would like to help us to help the diabetics here, please
consider giving a donation, no matter how small, it will help!

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