Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ferris wheel at the Panajachel Festival

I posted last week about the perils of the ferris wheel here at the local fair.  It was on an angle with pieces of wood underneath it propped to make it balanced.  It was also near high tension wires..and if it went over would take the wires with it.

It looked like a disaster waiting to happen. 
Fortunately, nothing happend till they were packing it up.

A young man, 17yrs old who worked on the ferris wheel climbed to the top to start dismantling it.  There is some dispute as to whether his fellow workers were not helping him as much as they should have. The young man fell, hit his head on one of the chairs going down and then hit the ground. He died at the hospital. 

Somewhere on the coast, a mother would have received the news that her son was not coming  home.

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